Featured in the 2019 American University Design Show
Research shows that indoor plants can drastically improve the air quality of your home by removing toxins from the air. However, people are either unaware of the positive effects of investing in plants, do not know how to maintain their plants, don’t know which plant best suits them, or all of the above.
Lēf is a new app that encourages people to take part in clean air conservation and is done so by helping people to invest in and take care of plants.
Lef's animation provides viewers with a brief explanation about how the app functions and works to help its users care for their household plants.
Logo & IlLustrations
Lef's logo saw several versions but a clean and inviting design was chosen over a sleek, modern one.
Illustrations were created for the app's interface as well as the explainer animation. The majority of these illustrations are done in a line-art style to promote the most clarity for the user.
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