AMFest is a music festival hosted by American University's Student Union Board every year. For 2018, members wanted to begin to build AMFest as a brand that could be marketed each year, in an effort to expand the event. As their designer, it was my job to create this brand and begin to implement it across social media and through merchandising.
Since AMFest is being expanded over the next several years, merchandise was something new that the board wanted to include for the 2018 festival. We were inspired by streetwear sold at popular clothing stores, and created three separate shirt designs (long sleeve, short sleeve, and a crop top).
Marketing director, Rich Kepler and I considered several different styles, and chose one that would call immediate attention to the content. AMFest 2018 only received a week for promotion, so grabbing viewers attention was important to us when designing the social media headers and posts. Since the event lasts most of the day, we came up with the idea to do day and night versions of each item. The red, black and white posts were used for 'night' posts, and a cream, blue, and black palette was opted for the 'day' themed posts.
The AMFest snapchat filter was used throughout the day by over 350 users, and seen by over 33,000 users across the world. Additionally, the Instagram graphic was posted by artists such as Aminé and Mac Ayres to over 600,000 global users.
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