AMFest is a music festival hosted by American University's Student Union Board every year. InĀ 2019, marketing director, Rich Kepler, and I decided it was important to remain true to the newly established SUB brand. As their designer, it was my job to build upon this brand and continue to implement it across social media and through merchandising.
AMFest's merchandise has become a popular item around campus, and this year Student Union Board decided to focus more attention on the creation of the merch. Two separate shirt designs and a backpack were created for this years event, as well as three sticker designs for students to obtain for free all day during AMFest.
This year AMFest's social media presence expanded more than any other Student Union Board event has. First teased over a week before the event, leading up to the full announcement in a grid-style posting. Posters were additionally displayed around campus and stylized with spray paint and plastic wrap to add texture and further communicate SUB's brand. The social content was reposted by artists to over 2.3 million social media users.
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